The DALServer Framework


The DALServer framework is a Java Web application, currently providing support for the cone search (SCS), simple image access,(SIA)  simple spectral access (SSA), and spectral line list (SLA) VO data access protocols.  Support for the table access protocol (TAP) is planned, but is not yet integrated.  DALServer is designed to be easy to use to put up basic data services.  No Java programming is required - one can merely install the Webapp and configure local data services.  Support for advanced capabilities, e.g., tasking to compute virtual data products on the fly, is also provided but is optional.


Installation and configuration documentation is available here:

Installing the DALServer Web application

Configuring DALServer

Detailed documentation of the DALServer internals is available in the Javadoc pages.

Although not required for usage, the source for the current version of DALServer is available here: dalserver-v0.7src.tgz.

The documentation provided here is for the frozen version of DALServer distributed as part of the VAO closeout repository (September 2014).  For the latest version of the framework please refer to the DALServer page at NRAO, or contact the author.


Once DALServer is installed the administrative console can be accessed here:

DALServer administrative WebUI

The administrative console provides a Web query interface used to execute the data services that are built into the framework, and is used to verify that the framework is functioning correctly.

For more detailed information on usage refer to the installation and configuration documentation.